As Homeros Textile, we work with designers who are experts in the design of woven and knitted fabrics. We produce fashionable products with a perspective that closely follows the trends of the day in embroidery/printing processes on fabrics.

We are sensitive to the high quality of the printed products in which traditional lines are used as well as contemporary motives. When making a professional choice, the type of fabric to be printed/embroidered is important.

The colour, type, and weaving quality of the fabric are among the things that should be considered as a whole. In addition to the graphic     selection, the fabric itself has an effective power on the product to be presented. For this reason, it is recommended to act with expert designers when printing/embroidery work will be done in order to obtain quality results.

There are details that need attention during printing/embroidery works, and attention should be paid to colour transitions along with shadows. Shade and colour transitions cannot be made during printing/embroidery processes using thread. In addition to the graph itself, the    importance of the application dimension emerges during these studies.

In addition to the size of the embroidery, the fill rate also has an effective power on its cost. Depending on the occupancy rate, an increase in potency can be achieved. Especially in the case of fabrics, the material to be used must be compatible with human health. This necessitates an environmentally and human-friendly perspective.

The way to leave a liveable world to future generations is to pay attention to the quality of the materials to be used in every sector. For this reason, it becomes even more important to prefer products with natural ingredients, especially for the textile industry.

When evaluated in terms of service life and durability, embroidery is an issue that needs to be worked on with the fabric meticulously. Acting in harmony with fashion in textile products leads to a significant increase in the preferability of the fabric. In addition to this, it is an expected feature from the product that the style of the clothes produced is compatible with the embroidery/printing applications.

At this stage, the design process becomes an important part of the work. Elements such as following current trends, using preferred colours, and weaving quality in fabric are handled with the eye of the designer, and qualified works are produced.

Acting with a professional perspective on printing and processing techniques in product development processes is a priority approach for Homeros Textile. At this point, while the demands and needs of our customers are handled with an analytical perspective, qualified products are offered to them.