Textile Industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Production is made in the textile sector in response to the need for dressing. The apparel industry also acts to respond to these needs. Quality is an important issue for the textile and apparel industry, which is one of the oldest economic activities in the world.

The products produced must be obtained with a user-friendly approach. The way to leave a livable world to future generations is to use natural materials. This situation, which is valid for all industrial sectors, leads to an increase in the need for quality.

The fact that textile has a very old history arises from the need to meet the basic needs of people such as clothing and shelter. Many studies are required in the process from the days when weaving was done by hand to the weaving activities done with machines today.

The quality element is very important in the weaving of the fabric. In addition to cotton woven or wool woven fabrics, the importance of a quality production becomes evident during printing/embroidery applications. While quality is a priority approach for textile products, this issue is important in terms of human health as well as long-term use of the product.

Textile Industry has made a faster progress with the inclusion of machines in human life since the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution is a great development in terms of humanity, and after this revolution, mass production has been experienced in various fields in the mechanization processes.

The start of mass production has also led to radical changes in people's lifestyles, and traditional methods have been abandoned rapidly and production has been started by means of machines. In this process, the importance of the quality of fabrics has increased. Homeros Tekstil, aims to bring high quality products to users, produces products suitable for human health.

Our company has an approach that does not compromise on product quality and acts with an unmediated understanding in its work with European countries. In our sales to many European countries, we have high ideals to meet our customers with our qualified services.

In our commercial journey from design processes to production and distribution network, we act in accordance with our principles in working in a harmonious business relationship. Our company, which manages the production and management processes with a professional perspective, is in the first place among the pioneers of the textile industry.

The textile sector corresponds to approximately 7% of the world trade volume. The textile and apparel industry is also an important sector with its contribution to employment in terms of national economies. While having a qualified workforce in this sector directly affects the quality of work, Homeros Textile has adopted the principle of production in accordance with high quality standards in all its products.